Welcome to Arctic Svalbard, one of the fastest-warming regions on Earth. The EEA-funded CRIOS project team is here on the frontline of climate change to reveal its impact on Svalbard’s treasures – its snow and glaciers.

Why study Svalbard?

Svalbard is a unique study site for a number of reasons, including the wealth of ice and its sensitivity to climate change. Read more >>>

The CRIOS project

The CRIOS project focuses on building an automatic measuring network on glaciers in Svalbard providing real-time weather, snow and ice data via the internet. To all. Read more >>>

Sites & infrastructure

We selected several glaciers across a large part of Svalbard for detailed monitoring within the CRIOS project. Read more >>>

[LIVE] Data access

Check our near real-time weather observations from CRIOS study sites here! >>>

Team & consortium

We are a group of Polish and Norwegian researchers from eleven institutions fascinated by Svalbard’s nature. Read more >>>


Behind the scenes – here you will check out our stories and photos from the field. Coming soon!


The CRIOS project is generously funded by the EEA funding scheme for basic research. For transparency we reveal the total budget of the project (2022-2024), equalling 1,271,625 euros.

Contact us

Dr. Michał Laska – project coordinator:

Dr. Jakub Małecki – project communication:

Dr. Ela Łepkowska – project contact person: elzbieta.majchrowska@us.edu.pl

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